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Beyer-Garratt Locomotive, huge and powerful was built by Beyer Peacock of Gorton for South African Railways.  With 2 separate 2-cylinder engines, it's capable of hauling a train of 1,200 ton up grades of 1 in 30.  The total weight of the engine is 214 ton.
Great Indian Peninsula Railway 4-6-0 Express Locomotive was named Hero to commemorate the men who gave their lives in the great war.  It was used to haul the Imperial Indian mail train going between Bombay and Calcutta. 
"Daylight" Steamliner, one of the most powerful steam locomotives built by Lima Locomotive Works for Southern Pacific.
"Mallard" Express is a famous locomotive that belongs to Eastern Region British Railways.  It was built at Doncaster in 1938 and set a world record that year for steam traction at 126 mph. 
Steam Turbine Locomotive belonging to the Pennyslvania RR was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse.  It uses a steam turbine similar to that used on ships to power the 8 drive wheels instead of cylinders & drive rods used in conventional steam locomotives. 
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