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The Flying Scotsman BR headed by a Class A-1, 4-6-2 locomotive, No 60136 name Alcazar and weighs 164 tons 9 cwt.  It operated between London and Edinburgh, covering 393 miles without stops.
Type 2-4-1 P Steam Locomotives worked on the Eastern section of the French railways between Switerland and Paris until the electric train.  They comprised of 35 locomotives and were used during 1948 - 1952 with maximum speed of 120 km.p.h.
French Electric CC 14100 was used from 1954 - 1957 for hauling  heavy trains containing minerals and coal on the northern and eastern regions of the French railways with a top speed of 60 km.p.h.
Netherlands T.E.E. Diesel motor coach name Edilweiss near the French town of Saverne.
French Electric Locomotive BB 9000 is a famous class pulling 3 coaches between Bordeaux and Dax 3/29/55 and broke the world speed record at 331 km.p.h.  It was built in 1954