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The Train Wreck forum is hosted by using the DiscussionApp originally set up by Ben as you know

I use the Color Chart by Owens4 - real easy

Batch Thumbs with tutorial - this is what I used to make the thumbnails on the main page.  I got the link from another rail site owner but being the airhead that I am, I've forgotten who

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This site is brought to you by way of Homestead.  A lot of people were irritated when they started charging but I don't think it was such a bad deal with all the features they offer for those of us who know little or nothing about building web sites. They've been rated among the top this past year.  I've had web site performance reports by Internet Seer with 100% uptime and no outages for 6 weeks.  I don't think the free sites would get that and there's no pop-up ads.

links open in another browser of course, I want to keep you here
Think upon all His wonders
And more good stuff - free gifs and animations, links to alot of webmaster resources

BNB - HTML, free CGI Scripts, graphics, tutorials and more for the webmaster - some of my poll info came from here, a real fun site

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I've always disliked that sign that pops up on some sites asking if I want to down load Comet Cursor now. I wondered why someone would even want that on their site.  Looking for a way to block it, I searched and found some pretty interesting stuff about it.  Spyware, they call it.  You can read more here and also at ZDNet.  Beware when you download Real Player, seems it has Comet Cursor hidden away in there.  See, my instincts aren't so bad!  CNet has suggestions that will help you get rid of those spying eyes.

If you want a cute cursor, do us all a favor and go to Moochers Freeware, there's a good selection for the taking and that's what I'll do if I get tired of my windows cursor. 

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