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Oh my strength, for you I watch
Butler, Indiana
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November 18, 1998 East Toledo, OH
detailed article here
March 16, 1998
Pullman Michigan
the printed photo was
with the news clipping...
still looking for an article
Ben's photos of this accident are here
South Rockwood, MI
no date, no article so far
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Think the FRA is doing it's job??

Because of the extent of railroad self-regulation -- coupled with ineffective FRA enforcement -- Citizen Action found that

[t]he FRA's failure to institute effective standards on operating rules, track tolerances and track maintenance...........

...the FRA has shown a consistent inability to effectively implement those safety policies it has developed. Over the last fifteen years the FRA has been the subject of six highly critical GAO reports, repeated complaints from the National Transportation Safety Board ......

The FRA generally does not meet statutory deadlines for implementation of safety programs.

The FRA is packed with former railroad employees. Dozens of FRA inspectors have ties to the railroad industry....

The FRA have imposed minor fines even in the case of fatalities.......

The FRA employs an insufficient number of safety inspectors to provide adequate oversight of the nation's railroads....

The FRA has been slow to develop effective and uniform methods of targeting inspections.......

read more in the railroad safety report at RailWatch which is now ?gone?  There is a but they don't seem to have the same safety agenda. 
Metro Networks 01/14/02
Crew Handles Fire on Rail Car
A quick-thinking crew of a freight train near Dixon (CA) may have prevented a fire on the train from spreading. KCRA reported the train was rolling through Dixon Sunday morning when engineers realized a fire was burning in one of the rail cars. The engineers decided to keep the train moving instead of stopping the train in a congested area. The blaze is blamed on a ruptured fuel line.

12/02/02 Train Derailment, Stockton, CA

Escalon trains

Sir David Hare has come under fire from leading figures in the rail industry ....TimesOnline
Train Wreck Photos

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Remote control of trains debated 3/19/04

Ice blamed for train derailment 3/12/04

Railroad union insists use of remote control imperils safety

Public inquiry called on rail traffic

30 Killed in India Train Crash

We would rather not kill
David Lahner is the legislative representative for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, Division 6

Staying on the right track

Full probe on derailments

Train Derailment Concerns

Derailment 7/31/03 in Dunsmuir
Locomotive Derails At Roseville Rail Yard

Crowds lined both sides of the Hiawatha Rail line

U.S. Wants Railroads to Upgrade Data Recorders
Chicago's holiday-themed train surprises commuters

Train horn fears silenced, for now

more news

Derailed train car killed worker

Injuries, Deaths by Train Up in State   June 21, 2004 

Officials comb Amtrak wreck

Fire Chief Recalls Worst Train Disaster In Amtrak History

The £10bn rail crash - UK

Military seeks meeting with S. Koreans on using high-speed rail for business travel

Technology Mission on Railways

GRANITEVILLE, SC  Train Wreck Jan. 6
Rail cop lacks a 'big stick'
Injuries, Deaths by Train Up in California

More current news

The artesian well provided water for the steam engines on the Chicago and North Western Railway....
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