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please pray for those named here, their families and those who are remembering them
if they are linked, visit and let their families know you're thinking of them
I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.
John 14:18
Time does not heal,
It makes a half-stitched scar
That can be broken and again you feel
Grief as total as in its first hour.
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid
John 14:26-28

BORN 9-30-66 MURDERD 2-27-98

Happy Birthday Marv!

In Loving Memory of Doug Caliendo
Doug Caliendo

Miss You and Always Thinking Of You

Happy Birthday in heaven Jesse James Carlson
Jesse James Carlson
Happy Birthday My Son

Jesse, tomorrow would have been your 29th birthday. We all still miss you so much. I hope you have a nice birthday in Heaven my little Angel.

Vicki Havard
In Loving Memory of MY "BRI - BRI " ACOMPORA

oh bri, in another week we were gonna "finally" tie the not --after almost 5 years, i wonder should we have got married years ago instead of postponing to say money???? "money- now i so mad at me b'cuz "money" delayed or plans . you were the greatest man and best friend to me , you were my life , my world , i cant believe still it all came to an end when you went to work. im so mad for not trying harder and ESPECIALLY taking all those little things you did for granite. i crave those now i crave -on 5-22-00 you ask me to marry you (finally) after 2 years,i was so caught off gaurd you and my dad you sneaksall i know is im looking at a card you gave my when we had an argument and it was a short time before you passed it reads......:TIME PASSES, ONLY LOVE REMAINS....
its like you new something might be happening, i miss you so much i cant seem to get on with my life , and ashlee you were her father, not bio-logically, but you were to us and one night she cryied telling me she never had somebody close to her die before;in other words she was telling me she loves you that was sad but beautiful, you to had some realtionship(crazy)kind of way i didnt have one child you mad me feel like i had 2 . bri i cant wait to reunite with you ,please im screwing up i need you to show me ,guide me ,i love you and cant stop yhinking about you ** R.I.P. = brian 12/5/72 -4/25/03
love forever,

In Loving Memory of Toyanne

who never saw anything coming, and never deserved any of this

In Loving Memory of Brilea Celeste Duchac Turner
Brilea Celeste Duchac Turner

My sweet, little rosebud, I will forever carry you in my heart.

All my love,
Happy Birthday in heaven Josh
Happy Birthday in heaven!
In Loving Memory of Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler

it's 2:00am and i can't sleep because i'm missing you so much...i can't believe tommorow it will be 6 months since your accident...i miss you more every day that goes by and i can't wait to see you again...

your littlest girl

taira butler

In Loving Memory of Jason Wayne Eggers Jr
Jason Wayne Eggers Jr

Our son Jason Jr was born premature on 11-12-02. He was a strong fighter for 5 days. On 11-17-02, our son was called home to be with Jesus. That was one of the worse days of our lives. Then came the internment. Our angel left beautiful imprets on our hearts. We will never forget him. "Some people only dream of angels....We held one in our arms"

Angelica & Jason Eggers
In Loving Memory of Jameson Donovan-Laney
Jameson Donovan-Laney

Jameson, Mommy misses you so much. I can't wait until the day I hold you in my arms again. Until then, I will live for you.



In Loving Memory of margaret casidy
Margaret Casidy

on tuesday september 23rd at 4pm my mother finally gave up her long battle here on earth.she went peacfully in her sleep without any pain.she finally in heaven with my dad'brother and nephew.i will sure miss her but i know she's where she wants to be.

untill we meat again mom,

In Loving Memory of Jeffery Allen Ola
My son was murder on 01-06-01 at the age of 35 He was a paramedic and i hearded his last word's to me from his cell phone O! GOD Mother i have been shot and my son was gone i am in so much pain his case is still unsloved and i need to ask for prayer's to help find his Killer and bring Justice for him as he had 2 children that has no Dad now and thery live with me his Mother Please meet my Son at
In Memory of Jeffery God Please hear my prayer's and help my family to have some closer We love you Jeffery soooo much and we will never give up There is a hole in our heart's that will never close my precious angel and i your Mother love's you bigger than the Heaven's you soar on high in God's house my son no one can ever hurt you again and i your Mother will seek Justice for you and with God's help it will be served

Love forever
Mother Wayne Gary Cathy Crissy Cody and Family Please pray for my family and Jeffery

Jeffery Allen Ola
In Loving Memory of Mary Stover
Mary Stover

Mary Stover was my best friend and a great person.Mary was taken from her loved ones on December 25,2002 after losing a battle with a heartless disease that she had bravely fought against her entire life. She was only 17 when she left but her spirit will shine and live evermore with those whom she loved. Mary you are my best-friend and I and will love and miss you always.

In Loving Memory of Dustin Lee Fitzer
Dustin Lee Fitzer
August 24,1976~July 3,1995
please visit Dustin
Love and Angel Hugs ,
Reeny Angel Dustin's Mom
Always in My Heart and Memories
May you Always Walk in the Peace and Light
Of God's Loving Grace
In Loving Memory of Dustin Lee Fitzer
Dustin Lee Fitzer

This beautiful poem was written and left in my guestbook and i would love to share it with everyone that knows my son .

Within the path of life we'll see
Footprints you leave constantly
You're in our hearts and always stay
That beauty never fades away

Smile you wore with eyes so bright
Within our life they will ignite
For you are never far away
Your love fulfills us every day

And though we walk within your glow
Our journey here is filled below
Because you left some gold to share
The footprints we in life will wear

So when the sun is setting low
We think of you and always know
That this is a far better place
Because of you our hearts embrace.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 13, 2003

Angel Dustin's Mom
Happy Birthday in heaven Brice
Happy Birthday in Heaven