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In Memory of
Ben Smith

Who was killed December 28, 2000 while working on a rerailing job in Alma, Michigan for Hulcher Services, Inc.
online since May 23, 2001 -  last updated with love for Ben on: 5/18/2010
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Trains across the Continent: North American Railroad History

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Stockton Intermodal Facility - click to enlarge
I took these photos the first anniversary of Bens death.  It's taken this long for me to upload them.  It's fenced all the way around so there's no close-ups.They have guards at the gate and you need a pass or something to get in.  I left them full size on the original view because of this. I planned on making an appointment to view the facility but it never happened.    

This was built just a couple of miles west of where Ben was raised on what used to be farm land. 
The old Burlington Northern Santa Fe railyard in Stockton.   These were taken the same time as the photos above.   I even got the empty parking lot :)
Other Stockton Area Intermodal Terminals
Stockton train derailment
This is where Ben rode his first train as a child.  On the first anniversary of his death, instead of staying home grieving I decided to re-live some of the memories; trying to make sense of why he wouldn't leave the job he had.  He loved trains because he was taught that, I suppose.
Historical trains in California are among the most popular and more photos will be added. In the mean time, you can read about RailTown State Historic Park here.  More of these to come
Live Railroad Scanner to the west end of BNSF's Stockton Subdivision can be heard at covering Fresno to Richmond, CA.

Train Derails, Dumps Cars Into River
UP again
Locomotive Derails At Roseville Rail Yard