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general grief resources

in no particular order
Christianity: biblical comfort for grief
Comfort for grief through Jesus Christ. Grief is something all of us experience at one time or another. What comfort can we get from the Bible? What does God promise us?

Customs of Bereavement - AARP
everyone grieves differently

from Help Yourself with God's Help - Guide Posts

Dealing With Grief
Topical Teachings

Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing
sources of help, compassion and most of all, understanding, for families or individuals who have had a loved one die as a result of drugs.

Grief Recovery Toolkit
from Grief Share

Grief Recovery Online
for the bereaved developed by the bereaved

Online Journaling
AARP Grief and Loss Programs offers a free online journal service as one way to help you through your grief journey

"Find-A-Therapist" Online Provider Directory
locate a grief specialist in your area

Beyond Indigo
Message boards, grief support, make a memorial to a loved one, make your memorial instantly,
no knowledge of HTML needed

your guide to reliable health information

Mental Health Chats
Healthy Place
All chats are free & hosted by Dr. John Grohol
every Wednesday

Mental Health Directory has many grief resources & links

National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved
offers pastoral and spiritual support to the bereaved, caregivers, agencies, congregations, and dioceses through education and resources so that all who mourn a loss through death may receive the healing comfort of God

The Feelings, Behaviors, and Physical Symptoms of Grief

Celebrate Life

My loved one died. How can I deal with my loneliness? 
Billy Graham

Loss Grief Death Dying

Healing Place
several good grief articles

When Someone You Love Dies
Christopher News Note

Grief Loss & Recovery
articles, poems and personal stories about grief, loss & recovery with discussion forum

Teen Age Grief
providing grief support to bereaved teens

to educate the public about grief, suicide and depression, and offer support for suicide victims' survivors and other people grieving or suffering depression with free e-book written by a mother who lost her son to suicide

The Legend of theTear Jar
Pleasant Gill White, Ph.D., L.P.C., N.C.C.

Family Remembrances
A Remembrance and Comfort Bouquet
can be made from herbs and flowers to express your feelings of loss

Moving Ahead After the Letdown
Finding the Heart to Make New Beginnings

Angel Gifts

Personalized Sympathy Gifts  frames, plaques, stones, jewelery, ornaments and other gifts for your loved ones

Dreams Alive - Discover unique ideas on personal growth, personal development, spirituality, life enhancement, and how to live your life's dreams

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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Name A Star In Memory of Your Loved One

Gone but Not Lost: Grieving the Death of a Child

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