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4 engines stuck in tunnel
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This accident was in the news.  If you have news clippings or particulars, I would appreciate you sharing them.

It's been more than 2 years since I wrote the above and someone did.  Bryan signed the guest book sometime back suggesting he knew about this accident.  It took me some time but did contact him and indeed he did give enough information including the date that I found news articles and the FRA report on this.  Funny, it took a stranger, but isn't that how it goes.

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Photos rescanned  10/10/03
The accident occured 10/11/2000
4 csx engines in tunnel accident
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4 csx engines in Akron accident
one of 4 csx engines being removed from tunnel
overhead shot of csx engines in Akron accident
cranes pulling csx engines out of tunnel in Akron OH
top view of 4 csx engines derailed in tunnel in Akron OH
distant view of Akron csx 4-engine accident
tunnel view of csx Akron OH derailment
This was a job for Superman.

But when he wasn't available, they called for Supercrane.
Four connected CSX diesel engines got loose in the CSX Akron terminal yard on North Arlington Street near Forge Street yesterday morning, crashing into a fifth engine and leaving two others stuck in a tunnel for most of the day.
read the entire article along with the FRA report

CSX Transportation Corp. officials said yesterday they were still investigating the collision of four connected diesel locomotives with a fifth locomotive at the Akron terminal off North Arlington Street early Wednesday.

The collision left two locomotives stuck on railroad tracks in a small tunnel underneath the main CSX east-west railroad line for 16 hours, said Gary L. Wollenhaupt, a spokesman for CSX.

He said damage to the two locomotives was set at $150,000 and both will be repaired. Two CSX employees suffered minor injuries in the accident, he said.

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October 13, 2000 

"I just do thing's for other's because that is how I was raised."

Bryan Porter
the one who led me to the info on this wreck

close view of csx engines derailed in Akron tunnel - photo by Bryan
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Photo furnished by Bryan